Monday, 13 June 2011

The Weekly Agenda - A Mid-Series Finale Every Year?

After a weeks break in the Doctor Who Bar, The Weekly Agenda is back!

For those who don't know The Weekly Agenda will be asking you a particular question at the beginning of every week and we want your feedback by the end of the week so we can show what each and everyone of you think. In addition our team members will also be expressing their view on the subject. So what is this weeks question?

Should there be a Mid-Series Finale Every Year?

Ellis (@APoliceBox) Says:  
After The Mid-Series Finale, A Good Man Goes To War on the 4th June 2011, I think it can be a good idea to run a mid-series finale every year. When Steven Moffat announced that the first 7 episodes will be transmitted in Spring and the remaining 6 in the Autumn, I was very pleased that we would see more Doctor Who over the year and not be waiting 6+ months for the Christmas Special. Now that the first 7 episodes have been transmitted, I do admit I am missing Doctor Who already but I do feel better knowing that there is more to come.  As well as Torchwood and the remaining Sarah Jane Adventures stories. But I do also wonder whether a Mid-series finale would work every year as a Cliffhanger at the end of episode 7 is the only road to go down. My favourite idea would be to have two separate series. One in the Spring and one in the Autumn but with something at the end to keep us waiting and teasing till the next series.

We really want to hear your opinion on this Weekly Agenda, especially as it's the second one. Even if it's one itsy bitsy sentence or a big paragraph we still want you to express your thoughts so we can show the world what we all think.

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  1. Being an American, I'm used to seasons ending with cliffhangers so in that respect, I like the mid-series finale. OTOH, being an American I'm also used to seasons having 20+ episodes so in THAT respect I would have liked to have more episodes!