Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Doctor Who: No Full Series Next Year?

Following the debacle last night on Twitter on what the BBC1 Controller Danny Cohen had said in relation to the new series of Doctor Who, it has emerged that fourteen episodes have been commissioned, but the season may be split in some form over 2012 & 2013, with a special run for the Anniversary.

Various sources such as the recent Private Eye article indicate that there is possibly financial trouble or budgetary constraints within the BBC itself.  Whatever the reasons are, as the BBC1 Controller, Danny Cohen has full authority on what length of seasons of any show, not just Doctor Who are to be, before they eventually get transmitted.

The comments have upset many of the shows fans who are horrified at the reduction of the standard season length, especially in lieu of the shows forthcoming Fiftieth Anniversary in 2013.

A statement by Steven Moffat the shows Executive Producer, is expected shortly.

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  1. Not sure why anybody would believe anything in Private Eye to be honest.