Thursday, 23 June 2011

Treasured Possessions: TARDIS Video Cabinet

Above is my TARDIS video cabinet which was purchased way back in the mid nineties.  There had been an advert on the back of the Doctor Who Magazine and I had suggested to my Mother that it would make a good Christmas present for yours truly.  Mind you it did take a while to convince her!

The cabinet came flat packed and had to be assembled, but it was a doddle to put up.  It resides in pride of place in my bedroom, at the side of the room in the corner.  The top of an old style deoderant canister acts as the siren light.

The cabinet was made from a company called Harvard Associates based in Borehamwood in Herts., and has probably long since been discontinued.  It has to be one of my most treasured pieces of Doctor Who memorabilia.  Unlike the current TARDIS on the telly my version has the correct wording on the panel: Officers and Cars respond to Urgents Calls. It doesn't have the St. John sticker on the other door panel as this cabinet is based on the version of the TARDIS seen during the Sylvester McCoy era of the original run of Doctor Who.  Nevertheless it is a lovely cabinet, unfortunately it can't dematerlialise, but it does hold quite a few of my Doctor Who videos, so it must be bigger on the inside than the outside!
I wouldn't part with it!


  1. I have a Tardis video cabinet for sale on ebay