Sunday, 26 June 2011

Changes to the Doctor Who Bar

Many of you have maybe noticed that there have been a few changes to the Doctor Who Bar, this is due to a change in the management team of the site.

Please bear with us whilst we get the site re-adjusted to cater for the new team.  Well it's really the old team but one of our old team members is sadly no longer with us.

I would like to pay tribute to Howard who is known as @theconsoleroom (along with myself) as it was us who first hit upon the idea of the Doctor Who Bar.

Without Howards help and support the Doctor Who Bar wouldn't be what it is today.  However he has chosen to move on and I respect his decision.  Although he wanted to close the site down, I did not support this idea and tried to reason with him.  To that end as one of the founders of the Bar I have decided to continue, as I feel I would be letting our supporters down if I closed the Bar.

So a big thank you to Howard for all his work on the Doctor Who Bar and I wish him well for the future. Please take care of yourself.

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