Sunday, 5 June 2011

Next Session: Attack of the Cybermen on Tuesday Night

Because of technical difficulties and maintenance to the Doctor Who Bar Site there will be no session Tonight on BBC3 for the repeat of A Good Man Goes To War, that will be on Friday Night instead.

The next session will be the opening story of Season Twenty Two, Attack of the Cybermen, written by Eric Saward and Starring Colin Baker as the Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri.

This adventure is a sequel of sorts to both The Tenth Planet and Tomb of the Cybermen, and features such great actors as Maurice Colbourne (pictured below), Terry Molloy, Brian Glover, James Beckett and Michael Attwell.  Guest Stars include David Banks, Sarah Berger, Michael Kilgariff, Sarah Greene and Faith Brown.

The TARDIS arrives on Earth and the Doctor is searching for the source of a distress signal. His investigation leads him to the sewers where he runs into an old adversary of his, the Cybermen.  Taken prisoner by his old enemies, the Cybermen force the Doctor to take the TARDIS to their base on Telos but the Doctor sabotages his TARDIS to prevent the ship landing where the Cybermen want.... 

This adventure is the first Colin Baker serial to be made in the new forty five minute format.

Join us on Tuesday 7th June, from 7pm for the next Doctor Who Bar session. 

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