Thursday, 16 June 2011

Return of the Autons

When Doctor Who returned back in 2005 Russell T. Davies chose the legendary Autons to appear in the season opener.  They also fulfilled a piece of Doctor Who history in this story as we actually got to see them breaking the glass frontages of shops in this adventure, that idea was only implied in their debut story Spearhead From Space.

Such was the popularity of the Autons in the Seventies, largely due to the perhaps controversial aspects of the storyline elements of their two adventures, both Spearhead From Space and Terror of the Autons are remembered fondly.  Although at the time the idea of a household object or doll coming alive and attacking people did scare the children just a little bit too much!

The last time we saw them on television was in the penultimate episode of the 2010 series starring Matt Smith, The Pandorica Opens in which they were disguised as Roman Soldiers.  I'm sure we haven't seen the last of them.  For fans of their two original adventures there's a new boxset from 2|Entertain available called Mannequin Mania to enjoy. 

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