Tuesday, 21 June 2011

City of Death

The Doctor and Romana take a holiday...

This story has always been one of my favourites. It is one of the stories I use to introduce people to the programme. Fans of the New Series enjoy it as much as people who have never seen the show before. Douglas Adams humour shines throughout. Tom and Lalla are clearly enjoying themselves and the guest cast is fantastic. Julian Glover is superb as the Count.

Whilst having a break in Paris the Doctor and Romana feel fluctuations in time. Someone is conducting time  experiments. But what does this have to do with
the Mona Lisa?

The story has always been a fan favourite. It came in at number eight in the Doctor Who Magazine The Mighty 200 Poll. Though helped by a blackout on the ITV Network at the time of it's original broadcast, the show received it’s highest ever ratings, averaging 14.5 million viewers over the four episodes, 16.1 million watched the fourth episode.

So if you have the DVD stacked on your shelf, the classic VHS tucked away in a box then be prepared for 7.30pm GMT on Thursday 23rd June, 2011.  Have a drink and some food and get ready to join in with the @DoctorWhoBar from 7pm GMT. Remember to press Play on your DVD, VCR, or online at 7.30pm GMT so we can all stay in synch and discuss via Twitter.

By Tom Greeves.

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