Monday, 9 May 2011

100, 000 BC

On Thursday Night in the Doctor Who Bar, we'll be watching the very first Doctor Who story!
Usually referred to as An Unearthly Child, it's also known by the titles 100,000 BC or The Tribe of Gum!

In the first episode two school teachers are curious about a pupil of theirs. The mysterious Susan, who appears to possess a great deal of knowledge, but can also be exceedingly dim too!  So they follow her home, only to discover it's a junkyard, and then whilst she vanishes they meet the mysterious old man who's known simply as the Doctor!

On hearing Susan's voice from deep inside the Police Box, Barbara & Ian rush through the doors, and straight into adventure!!!

Join us at 7pm Thursday 12th May, when we'll be pressing Play on our DVD's or video's at 7.30pm to watch the very first iconic story in the remarkable run of the original series of Doctor Who!

Article by @Via_The_Void 

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