Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Why I like the Third Doctor

I like all the incarnations of the Doctor, however I think Jon Pertwee is often under rated. His authoritative tone contrasts the dandified clothes of his costume.

Having read many of the Target novelisations and the Archives in Doctor Who Magazine, my first glimpse of Jon Pertwee was in The Five Doctors, the first VHS video I got for Christmas 1991. I would have to wait years later until my first Pertwee story, The Sea Devils which was repeated on BBC2 in 1992, when I was fourteen!

Being used to the Seventh Doctor, Pertwee was more authoritative and was much less of a buffoon than his predecessor, or any other actor to follow him. We are now used to a Doctor who abhors violence, but Pertwee was a Doctor who regularly used Venusian Aikido and was also a master swordsman, but never to gratuitous effect. His sword fight with the ultimate Master, Roger Delgado in The Sea Devils highlights this perfectly!

I met Jon Pertwee, just once. I had my photo taken with him on the TARDIS set. Being a shy fifteen year old I could not summon any words to speak to him! Sadly I have long since misplaced the photo.

Since the Bar, to my knowledge at least, have not shown a Pertwee story, I think it’s high time we did! But I cannot decide which one! There are so many classics of this era!

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