Sunday, 22 May 2011

Doctor, Me, Myself and I

This weeks’ episode of the 'Rebel Flesh' took on a dark aspect of the human psyche when it comes to who has the right of soul ownership.

I loved the idea about the Gangers. Many years ago, when people talked about creating clones of humans I thought only of one thing - If someone was to make a clone of me, would that make me immortal? The answer to that is no, because you would still be you, and you would then see a copy of yourself. However the third party perspective would think your copy was you should you die, so to them you are immortal. The only way to survive in your own body would be to transfer the actual brain of your own body into that of the copy. That way should your own body die, you would still be alive, thus becoming truly a copy in every aspect of body and soul.

I know, heavy thinking for a Sunday :)

But this moves me on to the Doctor. In the episode, I thought it quite obvious that as soon as his hand was placed into the living flesh vat, that something would remember everything about him. Now for the clincher - go back to the 'Impossible Astronaut'. Remember the Doctor was shot and we saw him 'die'. What if!? What if the Doctor we saw was actually the clone that has been created??

Hmmm, more coffee this morning and another seven grueling days to wait. Until the next time :)

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  1. I wondered that myself when I saw the Doctor's ganger.