Sunday, 22 May 2011

Building an Earthshock Cyberman Part 2

So, I have the main parts of my Cyberman well on the way, but unless I plan on strangling all my enemies, I'm going to need some sort of weapon - a Cybergun!

What do you build a Cybergun from? Well, in the 80's the BBC Prop Department thought that the main features should come from a car air freshener and a castor cup from a sofa! Unfortunately the car air freshener market has changed somewhat and they are no longer available, however luckily someone has made a cast of one and that is what I am using, along with a B&Q bird feeder and some MDF!

The first stage was to clean up the moulded air freshener so it looked more like the menacing barrel of a Cybergun. The next thing to do is to use a piece of plastic plumbing pipe as the central part of the barrel and fit this through the car air freshener and the castor cup:

Now we need to make the body of the Cybergun. Unfortunately it's a bit of an odd size and I couldn't find any plumbing pipe that was the correct diameter, however B&Q bird feeders are actually Cyberguns in disguise. All that was needed was to remove all the plastic trays for the birds and I was left with a tube that just needed a bit of cutting and filling. The handle of the gun is quite wide and needed two pieces of 18mm MDF to be cut to my plans and glued together.

After carefully cutting away a hole in my birdfeeder the handle could be fitted and the body of the gun sanded down ready for the first coat of primer.

I have just finished adding the acetate to the clear part of the barrel and now have to start making up the trim parts for the main body of the gun and adding aluminium tobe between the back of the handle and the body. Here is the gun in it's present state:

It's now starting to look the part, although the handle still needs sanding down and filling in to get a better finish before the primer goes on.

The actual Cybersuit is nearing completion too, so the final updates for that will come in Part 3! As John Nathan-Turner used to say: Stay Tuned!

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  1. Use a pumpkin strobe light for the electronic part of the gun

    I'm making one myself :D