Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What's Cool Doctor?

The Doctor think's they are cool but are they, lets find out!

Bow tie
Famous...Bow tie Wearer's  Sir Winston Churchill - Ray Charles - Harry Truman - Charlie Chaplin - Stan Laurel - Pee Wee Herman - Robin Day

I rate this 4/5 Bow tie's are cool!

Famous...Stetson Wearer's  Clint Eastwood - Larry Hagman (JR Ewing) from 80's soap Dallas, Harrison Ford - John Wayne - Sheriff's in the United States

I rate this 3/5 Stetson's are reasonably cool!

Famous...Fez wearer's  Tommy Cooper - Dennis Miller - Aladdin - The Shriner's - Granpa Simpson

I rate this 5/5 The Fez is very cool!  So the Fez is the winner, what's next I wonder, the bobble hat perhap's? I can just hear the Doctor now saying bobble hat's are cool!!!

Article by @4371les

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