Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thanks to Everyone!

Wow! We at the Doctor Who Bar are gratefully overwhelmed by the outstanding response to our presence on the web and also on Twitter. In just three months, your support has helped us grow from a small group of friends just having fun to an amazing 800 followers!! We're so excited to keep the Doctor Who Bar open so you can watch both the older, original series of Doctor Who and the current New Series episodes with friends, both near and far!  We have some very innovative new developments in the pipeline!
You can always see the upcoming #DWBar schedule at http://doctorwhobar.blogspot.com/p/schedule.html. We update regularly and always post what's happening on Twitter (so be sure you're following us @DoctorWhoBar and tell your friends!). We get a number of emails asking about next screenings, so instead of waiting around for us to reply, just check the site for a fast answer.

Please bear in mind that due to the huge volume of emails the Doctor Who Bar receives it is not possible for us to answer each and every one of them!  We do appreciate your interest in the Bar however! 

We are so thrilled by the enthusiasm and just like you, the opportunity to watch and discuss "Doctor Who" with friends old and new is a dream come true for us. Thank you for your continued support and we'll see you in the Bar!

Article by @abby_queenofall

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