Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mannequin Mania

Out now from 2|Entertain is a two disc boxset of the two Auton stories from Jon Pertwee's era of Doctor Who!

Spearhead From Space, and it's sequel Terror of the Autons! Spearhead was also Jon Pertwee's debut story, a process which was repeated many years later when Chris Eccleston played the Doctor in Rose!

This boxset has only recently been released on DVD, the reissue of Spearhead From Space is notable with a few documentaries now on it, as well as an additional commentary from Terrance Dicks and Derrick Sherwin.

Both tales are as compelling as ever on DVD! Terror of the Autons not only introduces us to Katy Manning as Jo Grant but Roger Delgado as the villainous Master.

It's particularly poignant to watch both of these serials now that Nicholas Courtney is sadly no longer with us. However it was lovely to hear him on the commentary for Terror of the Autons, both stories are two of the Brigadier's best.

Best place to buy it is Asda where it's retailing for £19.99, it's £21.97 in Tesco. 

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