Saturday, 28 May 2011

Remaining Series 6 Sessions Moved to the New Chat Room!

After the news that BBC America and ABC will not be showing Doctor Who at the same time as the BBC do in the UK, we can announce that our remaining Series 6 BBC Three Repeat sessions will be held in our new Chat Room.

Our new Chat Room is brought to you by Chatroll, a free sign up service where you can open up to the chatting world and get talking about a particular subject.

We only decided to move these Series 6 remaining sessions as we wanted all American, Canadian and all other fans who haven't watched the episode to stay spoiler free until they do actually see the episode a week later.

Just to clarify, the sessions we are moving over to the Chat Room are the Sunday and Friday repeats of The Almost People and A Good Man Goes to War.  All of our mid-week Classic Doctor Who session's will continue to remain on Twitter using the current Hashtag #DWBar

To join in with the Chat Room session's, please go to our Chat Room page, sign up with a name and start chatting with everyone about your favourite Doctor Who moments, quotes and more from Tomorrow for The Almost People!

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