Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Rebel Flesh Review

Here is my review of The Rebel Flesh.

I like the fact it was filmed at Caerphilly Castle, and I could say, I know where that is, I have been there, I didn't like the fact they filmed on my doorstep and I didn't know about it....!

Enjoyed the opening after the credits, when it showed the interior of the TARDIS, and Rory and Amy are playing darts and there is a pot noodle on the stairs, random but funny!  We see another pregnancy scan being done on Amy by the Doctor, and again we don't see a resolution to it.

The reaction of the Doctor indicates that she may very well be pregnant, when he offers to let them go for fish and chips while he runs off to do something. Maybe leaving them behind to live their lives, have their child and be a proper family without all the running around and having adventures.

Also we saw the 'Eye Patch Lady' yet again. No dialogue this time, just the hatch she appeared in disappearing. I will write another thread about her shortly, discussing who I think she may be, but I have my inklings she may possibly be a midwife. All the dialogue she has spoken so far, could indicate this. Although Moffat could very well have done it this way to make it appear that she is a mid wife when she could actually be something more sinister. She will appear in The Almost People as well, lets see if she has any dialogue in this episode, before we find out who she is in A Good Man goes to War.

Anyway back to this episode, the snow globe was rather random I thought, I couldn't tell what he was doing with it, if anyone does know, please let me know!!

Rory's change in personality was a bit confusing as well. I can't pinpoint why he was wanting to protect Jennifer. Right from the off when they all came around, he was paying her more attention. Hopefully this will get answered in The Almost People episode this week.

Overall I thought it was a brilliant story, and a good lead up to the mid series cliffhanger!

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