Thursday, 5 May 2011

Talking Who - Episode Three

So as you probably know, every Wednesday Talking Who is Live from the Makers of  Those Video Guys.
This Week Elisar and Sean Review Saturday's Day of the Moon and tell you what they thought of it!  What Questions were raised and how they answered them! They also Review a Classic Doctor Who DVD, this weeks is the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith adventure, The Seeds of Doom. There is also the Fan-dorica section where they review the latest Fan projects and other Fan related subjects.

Talking Who also gave a wonderful mention to the Doctor Who Bar during the episode and we would like to thank them dearly for it.

You can find more information on Talking Who - Episode three below: Episode 3 of our Doctor Who discussion show (broadcast live 4th May 2011) is packed full of anecdotes and fun.  Find out what our Doctor Who Podcast of the Week is and much, much more....

You can always watch the Episode here when it has been uploaded every Thursday but to catch it live head over to here and click live at the following times...

Every Wednesday,
 9pm UK
4pm EDT New York
 1pm PDT Los Angeles

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