Monday, 30 May 2011

The Weekly Agenda - Is Doctor Who Getting Too Confusing?

Here in the 'Bar' we came up with an idea that would get everyone talking and discussing Doctor Who between sessions so that we are always active.

The Weekly Agenda will be asking you a particular question at the beginning of every week and we want your feedback by the end of the week so we can show what each and everyone of you think. In addition our team members will also be expressing their view on the subject. So what is this weeks question?

Is Doctor Who getting Too Confusing?

Ellis (@APoliceBox) Says:
I don't think Doctor Who is becoming too confusing. I believe that this series in particular has stepped up a level and is so much different from any other series of Doctor Who that has gone before. I think that to understand something you have to believe in it, trust in it and have faith in it. From the second episode, Day of The Moon, I can say I did have my doubts about where it was going and if this would  all makes sense. But watching something like Doctor Who Confidential, you see how much work and effort the Cast and Crew put into this series and how much they want people to see these stories. So with that I think that Doctor Who isn't becoming too confusing, you just need to be there till the end and see how it all pans out.

We really want to hear your opinion on this Weekly Agenda, especially as it's the First one. Even if it's one itsy bitsy sentence or a big paragraph we still want you to express your thoughts so we can show the world what we all think.

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  1. I would say it has become, under Moffat, "pay attention television," where you cannot be a passive viewer. You need to watch carefully, maybe even twice, to get everything.

  2. I have to admit that I've heard a few people talk about confusing and getting lost, but I don't get the confusion. Does that mean I'm not as taken in by everything so don't find myself confused? I agree that what Moffatt has brought more is 'talkaboutability'. Everyone is talking about Amy's pregnancy and the story arc their own theories.

  3. Agree with the comments above, I don't think its confusing but you do need to pay attention. I wonder how Dr Who's younger viewers are finding the twists and turns of this series?

  4. When I was a very young viewer I didn't make much sense of the story anyway. There were monsters and they had to be defeated and you can still get that. I think it's a brilliant if short attention spans are being challenged and Dr Who is getting more sophisticated - then children have to work at it and it's good for their minds! Ideally perhaps it should be like a graphic novel that kids can still watch.

  5. There have ALWAYS been HEADY CONCEPTS in DOCTOR WHO. HUMAN CHILDREN cannot be EXPECTED to UNDERSTAND all of it. But as LONG as there are MONSTERS to FIGHT and the CLEVER DALEKS the CLEVER DOCTOR wins the DAY, then CHILDREN will ENJOY it.

    On a BROADER scope, TELEVISION and MOVIES lately seem to be PUSHING the IDEA that you MUST have a lot of TWISTS and TURNS in your PLOT for it to be ENTERTAINING. This is TRUE to an EXTENT, but on the same line, you can PAINT yourself into a CORNER in a LONG RUNNING TELEVISION SHOW.

    I will make the EXAMPLE of the U.S. Series 'The X-Files'. It is SIMILAR to DOCTOR WHO in many REGARDS. Its WRITER/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Chris Carter, was widely PRAISED for his ABILITY to create TWISTS and TURNS that kept the AUDIENCE GUESSING. In the END, though, his ANSWERS were not nearly GOOD ENOUGH for the QUESTIONS he'd POSED, and the SERIES fell APART.

    My PRIMARY CONCERN with DOCTOR WHO at the moment is the character of RIVER SONG. Brilliant IDEA, but it remains to be SEEN how it is fully EXECUTED. I have ALREADY detected HOLES and GAPS that do not RECONCILE with what we KNOW, having SEEN her FUTURE already. I hope MOFFAT is not in over his HEAD with this. If his EXPLANATION of her is not SATISFACTORY for AUDIENCES, it could spell DISASTER for the SERIES. Not as much of a DISASTER as the COLIN BAKER YEARS, but that is another POST.