Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Curse of the Black Spot

Please note this article contains mild spoilers!

The latest episode sees the TARDIS crew arrive on a pirates ship where the crew are coming down with a strange black spot on their hands!  Oh dear, you might say!  The Doctor and his companions are immediately taken for stowaways!

Fans beware, this episode does not pick up from the end of Day of the Moon last week!  This episode is written by Steve Thompson who penned an episode of Steven Moffat's Sherlock last year!

So what happens tonight then, well the Doctor is made to walk the plank! Amy does her audition for Jane in the Tarzan films!  As well as swishing a sword about!  Keep back everyone as Amy is lot loose on the poor pirates aboard a stranded 17th Century pirate ship!

Poor old Rory, you'll never guess what happens to him, so I'll tell you instead - he comes down with the dreaded black spot!  And absolutely no sign of Holby City's A&E to treat him until Casualty starts later on!  We also discover that the TARDIS can do something 'new' that the Doctor didn't know it could do!

Hugh Bonneville gives a stellar peformance as the grizzled Captain Avery, and Lily Cole makes an ethereal appearance too!

A reminder that this episode goes out at 6.15pm on Saturday 7th May!  Don't miss this episode!  Whilst it does not continue the storyline established in the opening two parter, it is a terrific maritime adventure!  Also for fans of Casualty it's on at 9.25pm on BBC1!

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